(Deutsch) Gesichtsbehandlung mit TEAM Dr JOSEPH

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Sor­ry, this ent­ry is only avail­ab­le in Ger­man.

(Deutsch) Maritime Naturkosmetik Oceanwell

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As of now I also offer Bio Mari­ne Cell Sup­port by Oce­an­well with the Algae Lami­na­ria Sac­cha­ri­na wich is sustain­ab­ly cul­ti­va­ted and rea­ped in the fjord of Kiel in Nort­hern Germany.

During your dai­ly care your dry and vul­nerable skin will bene­fit from this cer­ti­fied product.

During your sea tre­at­ment in my stu­dio you will feel the force of the sea…amidst Vien­na… as if you were by the sea

Facial Treatments

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For the clas­si­cal face tre­at­ment I use pro­ducts from dif­fe­rent sup­pliers: Thal­go, Dr.Hauck, Amo Como Soy, Phys­ti­ne, Raz­Spa or Oce­an­well. I offer pee­ling, dif­fe­rent mas­sa­ge types, masks, her­bal stamps, algae masks, model­ling, vapo­ri­zing or warm com­pres­ses … the­re are many varia­ti­ons, thus each tre­at­ment is uni­que. You can choo­se your favo­ri­te tre­at­ment for your skin.

Lymphatic Drainage

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Doc­tors in Anci­ent Greece alre­ady knew about parts of the lympha­tic sys­tem in the intes­ti­ne, the white Chyle juice which ori­gi­na­tes in the intes­ti­nes and turns to cer­tain ade­no­id cor­pus­cles. In the first half of the 17th cen­tu­ry Tho­mas Bar­t­ho­lin descri­bed the lympha­tic sys­tem as a who­le. Howe­ver, lym­pho­lo­gy was reco­gni­zed much later. The dis­co­very that lym­pho­ci­tes were respon­si­ble for the buil­ding of anti­bo­dies, thus fighting viru­ses and infec­tions, high­light­ed the rese­arch of the lympha­tic system.

I have learnt the method of manu­al lympha­tic drai­na­ge accord­ing to Dr. Vod­der. I try to sup­port the lympha­tic sys­tem in remo­ving swel­lings and con­ges­ti­ons with sen­si­ti­vi­ty and par­ti­cu­lar attention.

30min-50min ab €45,-


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Mit Micro­need­ling zu opti­ma­len Ergebnissen

Der need­ling Pen erzeugt mit sei­nen fei­nen Nadeln vie­le tau­sen­de, win­zi­ge, ober­fläch­li­che Stich­ka­nä­le. Durch die­se kön­nen wirk­sa­me Beau­ty Prä­pa­ra­te wie HYA Com­plex Seren tief in die Haut gebracht wer­den und dort eine inten­si­ve Repair-Wir­kung ent­fal­ten. Eine Video zur Behand­lung fin­den Sie hier.

Die Haut reagiert mit einer ver­mehr­ten Bil­dung von Col­la­gen, Elas­tin und Hyaluron­säu­re, die ver­ant­wort­lich für die Elas­ti­zi­tät der Haut sind.

ca.60min €170,-

M-Ceutic by Thalgo

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Inspi­red by medi­ci­ne, M-Ceutic by Thal­go com­bi­nes high­ly con­cen­tra­ted agents of der­ma­to­lo­gy and mari­ti­me com­pon­ents in an effec­tive tre­at­ment com­pli­ant with your skin. The pro­ducts of this series com­bat the source of skin irre­gu­la­ri­ties and impu­ri­ties. This results in a juve­ni­le, smooth and lustrous skin.

60min-90min €109,- up to €136,-


Algae Body Treatment

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With a desi­re for com­ple­te and pro­found well-being, the 100% pure and natu­ral Mari­ne Mud from the Dead Sea and Aro­ma­céa­ne Con­cen­tra­tes duo acts in a tar­ge­ted way to meet your fit­ness and rela­xa­ti­on needs

45min €69,-



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This tra­di­tio­nal healing method is more than just a foot mas­sa­ge. Simi­la­ries and refle­xes during the mas­sa­ge as well as the inte­gra­ti­on of the Chi­ne­se theo­ry of meri­di­ans cla­ri­fy the con­nec­tion bet­ween the part and the who­le. Thus, also self-healing is achie­ved and used in a holistic way. I have learnt two dif­fe­rent tech­ni­ques by Inge Dougans and Han­ne Mar­quardt, both gre­at tea­chers in their field. I am very gra­te­ful and hap­py to be able to attend fur­t­her trai­nings with them.

30min-60min €45,- up to €90,-

Timeless Skin Beauty

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Born of the alche­my of pre­cious mari­ne ingre­dients and excep­tio­nal manu­al tech­ni­ques, the Ulti­ma­te Time Solu­ti­on Ritu­al offers the ulti­ma­te in anti-ageing effi­cacy and infi­ni­te sensoriality.
Its two THALGO exclu­si­ves, the Ener­gi­lift mas­sa­ge, a true manu­al face­lift, and Ulti­ma­te Time Solu­ti­on Mask – a bio-cel­lu­­lo­­se mask con­cen­tra­ted in rege­ne­ra­ting ingre­dients — res­hape faci­al con­tours, firm fea­tures and cor­rect wrinkles.