Susan­ne Kauf­mann orga­nic tre­ats are natu­ral, bene­fi­ci­al, effec­tive and espe­ci­al­ly com­pa­ti­ble. A gre­at deal of know­ledge gai­ned through expe­ri­ence, collec­ted over many years of prac­tical app­li­ca­ti­ons in the Susan­ne Kauf­mann spas is invested in every product.

The dai­ly tre­at­ment of the sen­si­ti­ve organ that is the skin is the essence of the high stan­dards that of the pro­ducts. Holistic natu­ral care and result-ori­en­ta­ted pro­ducts from head to toe are part of this uncom­pro­mi­sing position.

They are pro­du­ced with the grea­test of care in our own manu­fac­tu­ring faci­li­ty in the Bre­gen­zer Forest. Each indi­vi­du­al batch is tested and then fil­led, sea­led and packa­ged by hand in glass jars.